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As I sit here in the eclipse energies of the Moon moving between the Sun and the Earth, I want to say so much about the space between.

All the ideas come at once, and just as each forms, it’s almost as if it disappears into the whole tapestry. In typography class I learned that we read words based on the shape the letters make together.

The space in between is so bright, you can’t even look right at it. The only thing to do is to open to the light allowing the cracks to dissolve into oneness.

I love days like this when I allow words to pour through me as transformation balm. Feeling infinity between the lines from the point of initiation to integration. Inspired idea to embodied experience.

The space between is in everything. Particles that form things. Past and present. Present and future. Vision and action. People and interactions. Sessions, meetings, classes. I once heard someone say, “how you transition is how you live life.”

I also remember the Leonard Cohen lyrics “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”, and the images of the Colorado River as shown in The Delta Series by Paul Nicklen come to mind.

And then I go to the space between sessions.

When I work with someone over time, giving sessions (as well as receiving them myself), I notice that from the moment a booking is even thought about the “work” begins. From the second one person sends a signal to another, an energy pattern is initiated to the degree that each individual allows through Source.

Coming together for a scheduled time honors the transformation that’s already occurred since the wish was put into the Universe and openly clarifies understanding which creates new pathways in the brain. All leading to post processing for integration and lived experience in the space between as well as afterwards.

Wild blessings,

Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

As a writer, I divinely channel an alchemy of light frequencies and share heart wisdom woven from experiences growing up in the rocky mountains of Colorado, freelancing as a graphic artist in NYC, being an online entrepreneur, training at multiple psychic institutes, diving deep in my inner work with mentors, traveling to sacred sites around the world, as well as living lifetimes on Earth and beyond. Ways to work with me where I hold space for you to freely create your own adventure exist. 1:1 Soul Sessions, Groups, Soulful Brand Design, and more ... I have a completely open crown so it's natural for me to tune into the inspiration of others and amplify it. My deep sensitivity combined with my open expression, heart, and root centers provides a playground of wise guidance.

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