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Have you ever laid in bed first thing in the morning and felt all the sensations in your body? Or paused during the day to feel into what’s going on? That’s your body talking, and you are listening through feeling.

Listening to what’s being said layer by layer is like panning for gold. You doing even have to analyze what is being said to listen. Simply being present with feeling while breathing is a way of listening.

Pain tends to be the loudest as it sends alarm bells overwhelming the nervous system with a blanket experience. Breathe and dive in to find the unique subtle sensations localized within the overall ocean of pain…
…Spot in outer right hamstring throbbing.
…Throat dry and scratchy.
…Mouth steamy with breath, tongue seeping mucus, and throat scratchy.
…Mid back constricted, dull yet sharp sensations.
…Left upper arm sore and fatigued.

As each part is felt in its distinct expression, a song begins to play and breath begins to flow. A euphoria begins to build.

Pleasant sensations are now arising more potently than pain…
…Head expanding with lightness.
…Warm sensations of blood flowing through signaling you that your body is alive start to be felt.
…Heart beating like a drum.
…Tingling of the toes and fingers inviting a dance with what’s next.

The tummy rumbles ready for nourishment, but there’s no hurry. Motivating impulses muse around buzzing the brain’s action centers, but none hook you off center. The mind opens and relaxes into deep, loving conversation with the body fortifying what’s most important now. Embodied action arises with ease, grace, and harmony.

Wild blessings,

Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

As a writer, I divinely channel an alchemy of light frequencies and share heart wisdom woven from experiences growing up in the rocky mountains of Colorado, freelancing as a graphic artist in NYC, being an online entrepreneur, training at multiple psychic institutes, diving deep in my inner work with mentors, traveling to sacred sites around the world, as well as living lifetimes on Earth and beyond. Ways to work with me where I hold space for you to freely create your own adventure exist. 1:1 Soul Sessions, Groups, Soulful Brand Design, and more ... I have a completely open crown so it's natural for me to tune into the inspiration of others and amplify it. My deep sensitivity combined with my open expression, heart, and root centers provides a playground of wise guidance.

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