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Whether you have a wall up or an open door, you are beside what is beside you, a piece of the whole shining in your unique frequency co-creating with everything around you.

Humans are the only species that destroy their environment. Why? Perhaps because they’re systematically disconnected from nature. They even fear it. At times they try to harness it which only manipulates nature’s wild and true purpose. Trying to formulate or distill more potency from that which gives freely as it grows and evolves only depletes the resource, slowing down the process which humans desperately try to speed up. Being in flight mode only drives humans to run faster, fall further, and fight harder.

Whether you like or or not, you are a creative being who co-exists with all that is, so why not choose to like it, be in reverence of it, or be in love with it?

The water in Austin had a lot to teach me. After heavy rains, it was full of bacteria from sheep farms which made it risky to swim. As much as my body craved the healing touch of water to bring balance to myself, I had to find another way to purge what was inside. The current environment reminded me how much humans like to use nature for relief which is very different that co-creating with nature for the highest good. Would you go stomping all over your best friend expecting to feel better? Go swimming in your neighbor’s house for relief? Ok, maybe we do variations of these energetically at times, but the point is to notice who you’re being.

When you become aware of yourself in relationship, a beauty of all that is in any given moment is present. Being in reverence of the wild flow creates a different result than trying to control it. Even within yourself, are you digging a hole trying to find, fix, or blow up something, or are you allowing Source to move through you as you? Are you in creation with the vital and nourishing Earth energies available? Centering your attention and choosing inner peace with all that is overflows as a harmonious invitation for those around you.

Wild blessings,

Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

As a writer, I divinely channel an alchemy of light frequencies and share heart wisdom woven from experiences growing up in the rocky mountains of Colorado, freelancing as a graphic artist in NYC, being an online entrepreneur, training at multiple psychic institutes, diving deep in my inner work with mentors, traveling to sacred sites around the world, as well as living lifetimes on Earth and beyond. Ways to work with me where I hold space for you to freely create your own adventure exist. 1:1 Soul Sessions, Groups, Soulful Brand Design, and more ... I have a completely open crown so it's natural for me to tune into the inspiration of others and amplify it. My deep sensitivity combined with my open expression, heart, and root centers provides a playground of wise guidance.

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