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All the best decisions I’ve made have been from a place of pure excitement. I focused more on the 100% YES! than the time, cost, or other details my mind likes to get hung up on.

Best isn’t always all “fun” though. Best is most growthful and fulfilling. Scary at the beginning kinda like diving in the deep end of a pool for the first time.

Some examples from my life are moving to New York City when I was 18, and staying there after 9/11 occurred less than two weeks in. Signing up for an Energy Awareness Course when I was 24, acknowledging that I was a spiritual teacher, and staying the course to be here writing this email to you today.

So what puts a wet blanket on the excited YES!?

Fear and Judgement of Failure
Is there is part of you that judges the failure of others? Is there a part of you that hopes others will fail because you don’t want to be left behind? If you feel this way about others, chances are that you feel this way about yourself. If you truly hope for the best for others, do you remember to do it for yourself?

Letting the Mind (aka the Past) Run the Show
Until you’ve rewired them all, your nervous system is imprinted with past experiences that have trained your brain to keep you safe with all sorts of distractions, questions, and conclusions. Do you tend to start things and not finish them? Do you go into analysis paralysis? Do you tend to decide something is set in stone when it’s actually not?

Being Stuck in Shame
The belief that you’re either not enough or too much grows out of a deep seeded internal shame about who you truly are. Somewhere along the way did someone tell you that you’re not good enough? Have people been jealous of you? Do you beat yourself up when you’re not “perfect”?

That stuff is human, and important to presence, yet how do you keep moving in an upward spiral being in your YES! more often?

Choose something you’re hung up on, and look at how far you’ve come. Acknowledge how much you’ve grown along your journey.

Who were you when you started? Where were you at emotionally, mentally, and physically? How self aware were you? How influenced were you by others?

Where are you now? How much more of who you really are is present? How much awareness and wisdom do you have access to?

And who are you becoming. What’s next?

Remember that we’re living in a special time in history where people are valued, respected, and honored for exactly who they are and the unique contribution they bring to this Earth.

Wild Blessings,

Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

As a writer, I divinely channel an alchemy of light frequencies and share heart wisdom woven from experiences growing up in the rocky mountains of Colorado, freelancing as a graphic artist in NYC, being an online entrepreneur, training at multiple psychic institutes, diving deep in my inner work with mentors, traveling to sacred sites around the world, as well as living lifetimes on Earth and beyond. Ways to work with me where I hold space for you to freely create your own adventure exist. 1:1 Soul Sessions, Groups, Soulful Brand Design, and more ... I have a completely open crown so it's natural for me to tune into the inspiration of others and amplify it. My deep sensitivity combined with my open expression, heart, and root centers provides a playground of wise guidance.

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