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Rise Above and Find the Love.
It’s all over now. It’s all better now.

It’s only a problem if you make it a problem.

To come at something as a problem is to come at it with judgement that something is wrong. Solving it would involve force and effort.

Of course you would like to shift things in your life.

You are indeed an ever-expanding being experiencing the seasons of your life. However, in order to create change, you must use all of your growth-facilitating abilities.

You must rise above and find the love.

Your heart chakra, which has your ability to access and experience universal oneness, plays en essential part in creating the life you truly desire.

Yes, even the typo in that image! 😉

Accessing the abilities of your heart chakra for self-healing:

First release judgement.

Let go of what feels muddy, sticky and heavy in the center of your chest. Hear those polarizing voices in your head that want to say something is good or bad, right or wrong? Let those go too.

Resentment doesn’t mean you are a victim.

As judgement is released, resentment usually arises next. How could you have been duped for so long? Made to believe you were something less than perfect? Whether someone else is involved or not, calling your power back from blame is key. Stop blaming yourself too.

We are all in this together … learning and growing.

Realizing that in our heart of hearts, we are all doing the best we can is forgiveness. Letting go of holding someone else responsible for your pain is one of the best healings you can give yourself.

Open your heart to learning, and you open your heart to acceptance, gratitude and appreciation.

When you accept yourself as the powerful creator that you are, you are in neutral. You can either go forwards or backwards from here. Going forward is finding gratitude and appreciation for what you have learned. It is from the space of appreciation that something new beings to stir … a creative desire born from affinity rather than pain.

Creating from pain and bitterness only leads to more of it.

When you rise above forcing a problem to be solved, and find the love, the possibilities are limitless. Freely creating with joy is possible.

Consider what you truly desire, believe and receive.

The last step is to believe you can receive what you truly desire. What is it you truly desire though? Could it be experiences that reflect universal love back to you? Experiences that help you love yourself and others more?

Jennah Synnestvedt

Author Jennah Synnestvedt

As a writer, I divinely channel an alchemy of light frequencies and share heart wisdom woven from experiences growing up in the rocky mountains of Colorado, freelancing as a graphic artist in NYC, being an online entrepreneur, training at multiple psychic institutes, diving deep in my inner work with mentors, traveling to sacred sites around the world, as well as living lifetimes on Earth and beyond. Ways to work with me where I hold space for you to freely create your own adventure exist. 1:1 Soul Sessions, Groups, Soulful Brand Design, and more ... I have a completely open crown so it's natural for me to tune into the inspiration of others and amplify it. My deep sensitivity combined with my open expression, heart, and root centers provides a playground of wise guidance.

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