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Attune Inward

Your Intuitive Nature

Foundations Course Level 2

In the Your Intuitive Nature Foundations Course Level 2, you’ll use your meditation practices from Level 1 to go deeper for a more clear connection to your intuition for elevating your everyday experiences as well as a deeper sense of self in your body, relationships, and work in the world.

What’s Included in this 4 Week Self Study Course

Continue to build upon what you learned in Level 1 weeks 1-4:

Self Healing

Week 5: video lessons + infosheets

Meet and create an agreement two specific types of high vibe spirit guides to assist you in self healing. Learn to facilitate others to heal themselves.

Reading Energy

Week 6: video lessons + infosheets

Play with to accessing your claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience to see know, see and hear spirit clearly.

Deep Diving

Week 7: video lessons + infosheets

Attune inward further exploring how reading energy, past lives, akashic records and auras facilities your spiritual growth.


Week 8: video lessons + infosheets

Work with integrating your information for more freedom in all areas of your life including your vitality, creativity and divinity.

Play with Your Spirit, and the Rest will Flow.

Is Your Intuition Saying Yes?


$297 plus $10/month for Ongoing Access

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