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Hear it from them

what people are saying

I could go on and on but basically there was so much rich wisdom, healing, and insight that takes place in a session and it doesn’t stop there. Each time I listen to the recording, I get more and more insight from the session. I had no idea what I was in for. I just thought oh this will be fun, I like this stuff. Well let me tell you that Jennah is the real deal. She is like this free spirit, this Angel that drops in and you have no idea how much rich wisdom is given to you. Thank you Jennah. For sure you are doing what you were put here to do. I don’t think I ever shared the impact you had on me in this kind of depth. This comes from my absolute truth. This is not about saying something nice for your web site. You were sent to me to move me forward on my spiritual path. I know that and I thank you.
Ellen Atkins, The Suburban Monk
I’ve worked with Jennah for very specific intuitive, psychic advice and healing for several years. She is one of my top go-to healers. Jennah is a keen intuitive healer capable of focusing on exactly what needs attention and needs to shift to bring clarity, harmony, and understanding to a life challenge. Her expertise of the transmedium realms is superb. If you have a challenge that has been bothering you for quite some time, I recommend contacting Jennah. Her neutrality and compassion will enlighten your day and life.

Regina Stribling,
Jennah is as sensitive and tuned in as she is powerful in her intuitive work. I really appreciated the high level of professionalism she brought to her healing work and can honestly say she is not only a natural but she truly is the real deal. Recently in a session Jennah told me she saw me being in the garden a lot more. Well, I have never gardened so much in my life for the past month! Thank you Jennah.

Susanna Kearney, Artist
Jennah is an extremely passionate, professional and organized leader. She offers a very strong, focused yet spacious container which aides in her clients abilities to find their own truth and creativity. Jennah is welcoming, encouraging, extremely bright and insightful and has unmatched dedication to her clients and projects. If you are looking to manifest more creativity, or perhaps ground your dreams into reality, Jennah is your girl!

Lila Ferguson, Lafayette, CO
Jennah absolutely blew me away with her ability to help me remove the blocks that prevented me from starting my own company. Her insights continue to be an invaluable part of my work process, and I constantly refer to, and apply the practical and creative suggestions and tools she has shared with me to overcome the challenges of running a new business.

Dara Holness
We are launching into the next phase of my vision and I have never before felt like someone could hold it with me so clearly, with gentle guidance and love. Thank you Jennah!!!

Susan Menge, Boulder, CO
I really enjoyed my first reading with Jennah. I had not had a reading over the phone before, but it was clear right away that she was connected. She instantly picked up on helpful insights to help me with my current personal and business issues. We met about a month ago, and her input to me is still valuable as I consider how to make this year the best yet.

Cassandra Zimmerman, Denver, CO
Jennah is a wonderful teacher and healer. I had a reading with her recently and not long afterward, I experienced lots of very clear insights that have helped me take next steps for my health.

Kristen Otten, Seattle, WA
I really enjoyed my reading from Jennah. She was very loving, kind and fun to talk to. She helped me to find clarity in my true desires. She also helped me clear out some old sticky energy that was weighing me down. A great experience all around! I have made solid, confident progress with my business since our session. Thanks Jennah!

McKynzi Bohnen, Lafayette, CO
The minute I arrive at a gathering, I always feel better pretty much instantly. Just being in the presence of others who “get it” is so powerful, and it gets even better from there – the work we do together deepens over time, creating lasting change. This stuff really works!

Why am I here: For the community, for the playground for the ability to grow organically and not through a pyramid of requirements. I have seen projects grow in one month more than they did the entire 6 months prior. Also for the “soul group” and a community that is collaborative with other communities.

Shareen W. in Oregon