Are you experiencing ... Health challenges? Relationship dramas? Lack of fulfillment in your work? Light IS on the other side of whatever tunnel you're in ... YOUR light. Spiritual Guidance Sessions with me bring levity to your life experiences by helping you access your own truth, wisdom and power within.

Play with Your Spirit and the Rest Will Flow

Like a flower, your soul goes through cycles of letting go, seeding, budding and blossoming. As a spirit, you are growing through what you are creating. Sessions with me say hello to you as a soul, helping you to prune stuck energy so that your inspiration may flow more clearly. We’ll celebrate the good that you are while shining a light on any blind spots that you’d like to resolve in your wellness, relationships and work in the world.

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How Your Spiritual Guidance Session Works

Spiritual Guidance Sessions with me are customized for you and include a blend of reading, healing and counseling. All guide you to connect with your own Soul, wisdom and power.

Your session happens via video or phone conference (in-person sessions are available in Boulder, CO and when on “tour” as well). When you book your 30, 45 or 60-minute reading through the online booking system, there is space to share your intention and to choose up to three areas of focus.

Upon booking, you’ll be sent a confirmation email with access info (a zoom video conference link and phone number). Please make note of your session date, time and access info and set a reminder for yourself. On the day of your session, call-in from a quiet and comfortable place at your scheduled time. So that I may see your energy clearly, please be in a place where you can sit with your feet flat on the floor with your legs and arms uncrossed.

Your session will start with a prayer to set the space to the highest good as well as time for you to talk about your intention and areas of focus (it is ok if it has changed since you made the booking). I’ll then tune into the energy of and communicate to you, spirit-to-spirit, about what they see about your intention and areas of focus.

The energy I tune into is both yours as well as other energies affecting your intention. I’ll share information from your higher self, guides and subconscious all while holding sacred space for you to discern your own truth and heal yourself. There is space for you to ask questions throughout your session.

Your session completes with me tuning into and communicating an overall next step for you. If you’d like, your session may be recorded and emailed to you as well.

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