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Are you experiencing ... Health challenges? Relationship dramas? Lack of fulfillment in your work? Light IS on the other side of whatever tunnel you're in ... YOUR light. Intuitive Readings with me bring levity to your life experiences by helping you access your own truth, wisdom and power within.

Play with Your Spirit and the Rest Will Flow

As an Intuitive Reader who has worked with hundreds of people, I’ve seen that when you learn to relax co-create with your Spiritual Self, you open the doors to know, see and do or not do what needs to be done for your highest good.

In an Intuitive Reading, I see what is going on in your aura, and communicate about what you are creating and how energies are affecting you. Having an Intuitive Reading from me brings levity to your life experiences by helping you access your own spiritual truth, wisdom and power within.

Like a flower, your soul goes through cycles of letting go, seeding, budding and blossoming. As a spirit, you are growing through what you are creating. Intuitive Readings with me say hello to you as a soul, helping you to prune stuck energy so that your inspiration may flow more clearly. We’ll celebrate the good that you are while shining a light on any blind spots that you’d like to resolve in your wellness, relationships and work in the world.

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