SynchroniCITY Cards: Boulder, CO

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SYNCHRONICITY Cards are for those who don’t live by the book.

The SYNCHRONICITY Boulder, CO deck is a curated collection of 99 places in and around Boulder, CO. Hiking spots, restaurants, museums and more are featured in the deck.

Relevant to both visitors and locals, the cards invite you to choose your magic. Intuitively discover, connect, and co-create with local land, businesses, community, and soul family.

With your intention, the card you draw may lead you to something entirely expected or on an inspired, new adventure. Either way, it is you who owns the relationship of your internal and external experiences. Go ahead, and allow this tool to help you live in the eternal present moment.

“Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connections between the subjective and objective world.” – C. G. Jung

Deck includes 99 unique cards that are 2.75″ by 1.10″.
This 1st edition deck is on sale because since it was a originally printed, a 5 or so of the cards are outdated.


2 reviews for SynchroniCITY Cards: Boulder, CO

  1. Tricia Hake

    SynchroniCity Cards are an adventure in a box. There are many ways they can be used. I love choosing one at random, and then going there to see what things I can find. They are also a great way of giving me ideas of new places to explore around town.

  2. KathyG, The Urban Spirit Guide

    Um, why didn’t these come onto the scene sooner!? What a great idea. I love these cards. If I’m ever unsure of what to do for the day or want to change things up, I pick a card and go on an adventure…. you never know what will turn up or who you will meet or what you will learn when you explore outside your normal scene. Thanks again for another awesome deck!! Love.

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