Freedom through Presence with Pain Workshop

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Pain can show up physically, emotionally and even as numbness, stuckness or a not-flow in certain creative endeavors.

Though it feels anywhere from brick-wall-like to a sinking feeling to a little irritation, practices exist to face it with a bit more lightness (and even humor).

Via this 45-minute workshop recording, Jennah Synnestvedt will guide you through some of her favorite presence and movement practices for greater freedom in body, mind, and spirit.

Participate in this workshop to find greater comfort with your journey to feeling better and more permission to transform pain into growth and lasting change.

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2 reviews for Freedom through Presence with Pain Workshop

  1. Alison Stanton

    Thanks Jennah for this workshop. It’s hard for me to focus on pain as I’ve spent a long time ignoring pain just to get by. I will remember to drink from the fountain of compassion and self love more often!

  2. Shareen Webb

    This workshop was amazing! A really supportive and easy way to reach pain and work with it making it an ally not an enemy.

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