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Roots Fly Podcast

with Jennah Synnestvedt

Stories of where mother nature, spiritual nature, and human nature meet.
The Roots Fly Podcast chronicles Jennah’s spiritual path featuring her teacher’s along the way.

Listen to spark your insight about:

Recognizing Miracles in the Mess

With all of it’s challenges, life can get seriously overwhelming at times. Hearing stories of how others have allowed their higher self to guide them through hard times just might inspire you to come up to the level of your higher self. From that place, you’re able to see the bigger picture with more levity and remember that you’ve got your back.

Inklings and Experiences of the Supernatural

Confirmation that there’s more than meets the eye. Consider you’re psychic rather than crazy. Hear stories about people who stopped sweeping the niggles under the rug and instead allowed their psychic experiences to be present and opened up to the journey of awakening.

Living an Intuitive Life in Community with Soul Family

Magic in the modern world lives in connecting to Soul family from all around the globe. Hear stories of people who are devoted to living a life guided by their intuitive knowing which includes stepping out of their comfort zone to grow as individuals AND connect with others who they have affinity for.

Wellbeing on Earth and Angelic Nature

As a human species, we’re facing some challenges here on Earth yet spiritual freedom is possible. Hear how others face the hard stuff, keep growing, and are of service to the whole from a rooted and centered place of overflow.

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