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Intuitive Nature Library

A quiet space for you to connect with your inner truth about what you’re creating on Earth

Before you begin, click here to read these notes, then click an image below to get started.

This is Your Meditation Space. It is for you, so feel free to receive or leave anything channeled through in your own vibration for the highest good of all.

Embrace Your Pace. Below you have access to the Your Intuitive Nature Meditations. Recordings are from live gatherings or multi-module courses that happen over time. Please embrace your pace, going as fast or slow as aligned for you.

Choose Your Own Adventure for Positive Rewiring. In some playlists, the information builds on itself in the order presented, so listening in order is an option. Always tune into your intuition to see where you’re guided as that is the best order for you, and listen as many times as you’d like.

Set Your Sacred Space. Give yourself space to sit comfortably in a quiet room that is free from distractions. Tune into which meditation would serve you best on any given day.

Intuitive Nature Foundations Course

Intuitive Nature Meditations

Intuitive Nature Gatherings

Intuitive Nature Ceremonies

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“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tzu