Ways to Play

Aspen Oracle

Founded by Jennah in 2011, Aspen Oracle is a worldwide intuitive community for aspiring and professional healers, psychics and spiritual teachers. Come play with us there to explore, develop and strengthen your spiritual abilities so that you can be yourself in your work in the world.

Soulful Brand

Soulful Brand is a creative agency led by Jennah that provides guidance, design, website and marketing services for businesses and organizations. The Soulful Brand team members are creatives and intuitives who specialize in branding that radiates the heart & soul of your vision.

Divine Healing Center

Divine Healing Center offers a variety of spiritual healings to all people interested in receiving positive change in their lives. Jennah offers Business Healings and Workshops through the Divine Healing Center.

Tough Shit Tarot

Tough Shit Tarot: A Deck of Rude Awakenings is an intervention for your soul. Use the deck to access your inner bad-assery. Archangel Metatron channeled by writer Nami Bhasin, designed by Jennah and published by Aspen Oracle.

The Suburban Monk

The Suburban Monk invites people to create a life that makes sense, feels good and is so much fun! Jennah has helped establish the brand and is now an affiliate. For more information and to get your color guide (which includes 10% off your first order), visit TheSuburbanMonk.com.

Legacy Cacao

Legacy Cacao is the world’s purest ceremonial-grade sipping chocolate. It is a decadent sensory experience that nourishes your brain, fuels your body, and expands your soul. Jennah shares Legacy Cacao in some of the events that she offers.