Ways to Play

Aspen Oracle

Founded by Jennah in 2011, Aspen Oracle is a sanctuary for intuitive and creative souls from all over the world to gather in community for personal as well as professional exploration, growth, and transformation.

Soulful Brand

Soulful Brand is a creative agency led by Jennah that provides guidance, design, website and marketing services for businesses and organizations. The Soulful Brand team members are creatives and intuitives who specialize in branding that radiates the heart & soul of your vision.

Legacy Cacao

Legacy Cacao is unlike any other ceremonial-grade cacao you’ve ever experienced. The intentionality infused at every stage from seed to sip results in what we believe to be the most pure and energetically potent cacao on the planet. One sip and you are immediately enveloped by the warm sensory experience and heart-opening plant medicine. It is a gentle, yet powerful transformative addition to any morning routine. Jennah leads a monthly Legacy Cacao Gathering in the Aspen Oracle Space.

The Suburban Monk

The Suburban Monk invites people to create a life that makes sense, feels good and is so much fun! Jennah has helped establish the brand and is now an affiliate. For more information and to get your color guide (which includes 10% off your first order), visit TheSuburbanMonk.com.