Catalyze with Cacao!

Workshops with Spiritual Teacher Jennah Synnestvedt and Legacy Cacao, the world’s purest ceremonial-grade sipping chocolate

Open the Doors to New Possibilities

A Workshop to Catalyze Your Next Step

with Legacy Cacao and Guided Meditation led by Jennah

Legacy Cacao is a nutrient rich-live food that nourishes your brain, fuels your body, and expands your soul.

The cacao experience plus guided meditation in this workshop lead you to more lovingly create for yourself.

Walk away from this workshop having greater freedom, reclaimed power and more clarity to choose what you truly desire.

Devoted to well-being on Earth and spiritual freedom,

Jennah is a Spiritual Guide for sensitive souls.

Jennah is all about the power of joy, making progress, the magic within and that–for a reason–we’re in it together. Jennah is a creative director and graphic artist known for her ability to see, direct and design a vision into reality. A graduate of Berkley Psychic Institute and Psychic Horizons in Boulder, Jennah is also a Reverend and spiritual teacher, psychic and healer who has over a decade (and lifetimes!) of soul experience.

We’re so honored to share Legacy Cacao

with the Pure Souls who are called to these Workshops.

Legacy Cacao is the direct descendant of the original cacao trees from over 3,000 years ago. It has been protected in the remote mountains of Guatemala, preventing cross contamination from GMO crops. Only utilizing cacao from these rare, small groves leads to the highest purity and potency ceremonial grade, small batch cacao.

Legacy Cacao is prepared by only women, and mixed in ceremony by a Mayan Priestess in accordance with the original Mayan recipe – a secret only given to one respected elder at a time. Legacy Cacao has been entrusted with the honor and responsibility of being the only bridge between this ancient legacy and the rest of the world. We are here in service to you, and to this royal lineage of Mayan people gifting us with their most potent plant medicine.

Legacy Cacao sales directly support the Mayan descendants who made this possible. As a Fair Profit company, Legacy Cacao ensures the majority of the profits remain in Guatemala. We found you the best cacao in the world and pay fair profit in honor, collaboration, and respect of the indigenous people blessing us with their royal legacy.

Upcoming Dates

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Boulder, CO

2:00pm – 4:00pm MDT

Psychic Horizons Center
5485 Conestoga Ct, Boulder, CO 80301

Past Workshops




Lafayette, CO

3:00pm – 5:00pm MDT

A Mom’s Space / IME
1300 Plaza Ct N., Suite 202, Lafayette, CO 80026




Boulder, CO

2:00pm – 4:00pm MDT

Chiropractic Alchemy
2709 Pine St, Boulder, CO 80302




Santa Rosa, CA

3:00pm – 7:00pm PDT

Divine Healing Center
516 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401




Roseburg, OR

4:00pm – 6:00pm PDT

Wholistic Earth
536 NE Winchester Street, Roseburg, OR 97470, (541) 537-1125




Salt Lake City, UT

7:00pm – 9:00pm MDT

Vitalize Studio
Millcreek Location, 3474 So. 2300 E. Studio #12

Questions about attending? Would you like to host one in your city?
Call or email Jennah at 347-248-1983 or [email protected] Sign-Up below to receive invites.