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Meet Legacy Cacao

With fresh eyes again and again 💜

Open to a conversation with this grandmother lineage of ceremonial Cacao, and experience how co-creating with her flows hand-in-hand with your intention.

Why Legacy Cacao

Legacy Cacao is the purest ancient lineage cacao on the planet and the only one pre-spiced according to the original Mayan recipe. The Priestess who prepares the cacao in Guatemala infuses indigenous alchemy in each batch to activate your journey back home to the Truth of who you are: LOVE. To the Mayan people, LIFE IS CEREMONY. The crops are prayed over and the women are even trained by the Priestess to choose the thoughts held in their mind with great intentionality. As a Fair Profit company, Legacy Cacao ensures the majority of the profits remain in Guatemala in honor, collaboration, and respect of the indigenous people blessing us with their royal legacy.

Sacred pause for peace of mind deepening into and amplifying your heartfelt presence.
Embody and deepen your golden I AM nature as you come home to nourish yourself.

Be fully alive and free flowing in your Soul knowing, seeing, hearing, and feeling.
Spread your wings expanding into the luminous wholeness and full spectrum of your creative expression.
A Note from Jennah Synnestvedt: Legacy Cacao Ceremonialist
Tears of joy ran down my face as I opened my first package of Legacy Cacao. It was soul knowing.

Beyond the humble yet luminous packaging featuring a beautiful jaguar, delicious taste and health benefits, the cacao was something I knew would transform my life in a relieving, loving and enlivening way.

When my second bag arrived, I picked up a book that I hadn’t read in over a year. The next chapter was all about a young girl who was taken to a Shaman for healing. In her journey, a jaguar brought the medicine of reawakening feminine power.

After that I had a dream where a Jaguar was scratching at the door of a jungle hut where I was gathering with a group of strangers. At first I felt fearful, but then quickly shifted into the knowing that we where there to be in community.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve been co-creating with Legacy Cacao for five years embracing life as ceremony lightening my heart and allowing love to ripple out.

I’ve also been in a Deep Dive mentorship with Michelle Sinette, the Co-Founder of Legacy Cacao. I’ve been lovingly led to the depths of my soul through heartbreak to finding my wings again.

My wish in introducing you to Legacy Cacao is for you to have your own one of a kind journey with her.

For me, co-creating with her is a remembering + further embodiment of my soul wisdom and creative potential that I have the privilege to bring fourth in present time with my heart opening as I continuously step forward on my soul path.

I am honored to share this cacao through sacred ceremonies that remind us “pure of heart, peaceful warrior souls” why we incarnated in this lifetime as well as give us loving guidance to be strong and courageous.

What People Are Saying

The Legacy Cacao Ceremony guided by Jennah is fantastic. I had an incredible experience—and came away with clear insights for my life and felt energetically lifted and loved. Jennah is a truly gifted guide and healer.
A.H. in Utah

Upcoming and Past Live In Person Legacy Cacao Ceremonies Guided By Jennah

Purity of Heart Tour

Salt Lake City, UT

Vitalize Studio
August 16, 2019

Roseburg, OR

Wholistic Earth
August 25, 2019

Santa Rose, CA

Divine Healing Center
September 8, 2019

Nourishment Series

Boulder, CO

Chiropractic Alchemy
November 24, 2019

Lafayette, CO

I Am Me Space
December 22, 2019

Boulder, CO

Psychic Horizons
January 28

Boulder, CO

Psychic Horizons
February 25, 2020

Boulder, CO

Psychic Horizons
March 24, 2020

Seeds of Joy Event

Boulder, CO

Chiropractic Alchemy
Spring Equinox 2022

Personal Sovereignty Inner Peace Journey

Austin, TX
Isle of Iona, Scotland
Weymouth, UK
Cambridge, MA
Lynnwood, WA
Portland, OR
Big Island, HI
July 2022 to Present

Let’s Co-Create

A Legacy Cacao Ceremony for You

One way a ceremony might look:

Connecting with your heartfelt intention, allowing the loving cacao spirit to work with you as much as you’d like, drinking with presence letting yourself BE as Jennah channels an inspired message for the group, sharing with each other about your individual experiences.

Let’s talk about co-creating a custom experience for you or your group:
Reach out hereReach out here
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