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Soulful Brand Design

Invite and Ignite Connection

The Resonance of

Your Brand Essence

You’re know who you are, why you offer what you do, and you are of service. Now it’s time for a fully resonate design expression of your inspired offerings through all touch points of your brand that invites more of your soulmate clients to engage.

Soulful Brand

Creative Essentials

Branding and Design Capabilities:
Soulful Brand Blueprint

A Brand’s Blueprint outlines the heart and soul of what you’re creating. It’s the foundation of your visual brand, website and marketing materials. The elements of your Soulful Brand Blueprint include: the essence, why, vision, mission, voice as well as an archetype of who is meant to work with you and what you provide for them.

Visual Branding

More than just a logo, visual branding is the artistic expression of your vision that helps you be clearly seen by who is meant to work with you. Visual branding is how your colors, logo, imagery, typefaces and materials are designed into a memorable, harmonious and coherent system. Visual Branding typically includes brand imagery direction, a custom logo design, business card design, stationary design and a style guide.

Website Map

In this step, you set intentions for each page, mapping out where the images and copy writing will go. Where the user experience “flow” and call-to-action will be on each page is decided. Additionally, key points and ideas for the copy writing, and imagery are noted. The copywriter or you will use the map to write the copy for your website.

Messaging and Copy Writing

Copy written in your brand voice that resonates with who is meant to work with you is a key part of a brand experience that inspires them into action. In this step, your brand voice will be tuned into and the map from the Step 3 will be a guide to write your website copy in your brand voice creating an experience that allows your people to know: “YES! This is for me. I’d like to engage with the next step.”

Website Design and Development

Now it all comes together! Using your logo, colors, website map, imagery and copy writing, your website will be designed, built and launched. The design part is where special visual elements are created or expanded, typefaces are chosen and all put together in a compelling way. In the build part, it is ensured the visuals and user experience design clearly guide your people through what you offer on mobile and desktop.

Marketing and Advertising Design

Marketing is sharing invitations with the people who are meant to work with you. When created from inspiration, your marketing is of high service with no strings attached. Clarity in writing and designing the materials that will be most beneficial is key. Social media, postcards, brochures, ebooks, presentations, event & booth and print & advertisements are all examples of marketing materials.

Jennah Synnestvedt

Intuitive Coach, Creative Director, Spiritual Branding Specialist

I am an intuitive coach, creative director, and graphic artist who enjoys working with brilliant people to bring inspired visions down to Earth. I have 18+ years of branding experience including a B.F.A in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in NYC.

Over the years, I have worked with a wide range of visionary clients. As a freelancer in NYC, I learned about the highest quality creative work as a designer for Graphis and The One Club for Art and Copy, and I was also the art director and designer for the first and second ever national advertising campaign for Burt’s Bees.

When I moved to Boulder, CO in 2011, I started sharing my experience with more types of small businesses including coaches and spiritual service providers. Since I’m also a spiritual teacher and intuitive, clients often work with me because I understand them on many levels and with great sensitivity.

Feel free to reach out via email at I look forward to hearing more about what you’re creating!

Divine Brand Design

Work Samples

Some of Jennah’s Work as a Creative Director and Graphic Artist (click to view project):

Shannon Costello Düster

JAM for Dravet


JBO Travel

The Suburban Monk

Burt’s Bees Advertising

The Awakened Company

Macy’s Advertising

One. a magazine

Book Design

Preta Lobue

JOY (No Matter What)

Humanity Works

Steve Satterwhite

Entelligence IT

Lois J. Wong

Spiritual Women Leaders

Logo Design


Divine Healing Center

A Potential Creative Process to

Bring Your Dreams to Life

Three Phases

Phase 1
In Your Heart of Service

Root in the what, how and why of what you offer, your essence, mission, vision and voice.

Phase 2
Your Soul’s Calling

Direction and design to create your brand look & feel, imagery, logo, and website.

Phase 3
Spread Your Wings

Invite the people who are meant to work with you in through marketing and networking.

The timeline is typically anywhere from 3 to 9 months and may continue on as your business grows!

We'll Co-create a working agreement that's unique to you.

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