Play with Your Spirit,

and the rest will flow.

Ways to Work with Jennah

Jennah Synnestvedt provides spiritual support to help you navigate challenges so you can live your heart’s true desire.

Ways to Work with Jennah

Work with Jennah

Aspen Oracle

Founded by Jennah in 2011, Aspen Oracle is a place to Rebirth Your True Nature. At Aspen Oracle, you’ll find live online courses and community for people here to have fun being the change. The courses help you access, develop and use your intuition to heal and be yourself in everyday life.

Soulful Brand

Soulful Brand is a creative agency led by Jennah that provides guidance, design, website and marketing services for businesses and organizations. The Soulful Brand team members are creatives and intuitives who specialize in branding that radiates the heart & soul of your vision.

Divine Healing Center

Divine Healing Center offers a variety of spiritual healings to all people interested in receiving positive change in their lives. Jennah offers Business Healings and Workshops through the Divine Healing Center.